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Key Words Readers
Accelerate Reading Skills

Some of the words in the English language are used much more frequently
than others. These words can be called key words. Reading skill is accelerated
if the important key words are learned early and in a fun way. 

The texts in these series are based on the "key words" approach to reading.
When children read these texts, they will not only enjoy their favourite tales
but will also build up their vocabulary to enhance their reading skills.

GoldilocksKW.jpg (18013 bytes)   Jack KW.jpg (18021 bytes)   sleeping KW.jpg (21259 bytes)
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cinderellaKW.jpg (17651 bytes)   elves KW.jpg (19360 bytes)   princess pea KW.jpg (22248 bytes)
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 1. 983-9387-53-7  ...  Pinocchio
 2. 983-9387-44-8  ...  Cinderella
 3. 983-9387-46-4  ...  Sleeping Beauty
 4. 983-9387-47-2  ...  Goldilocks and the Three Bears
 5. 983-9387-48-0  ...  Jack and the Beanstalk
 6. 983-9387-45-6  ...  Town Mouse and Country Mouse
 7. 983-9387-54-5  ...  The Princess and the Pea
 8. 983-9387-52-9  ...  The Elves and the Shoemaker

16 pages. A4 size.

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